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The interview series: non-executive directors (UK)
The board services practice works with leaders who express an interest in the career progression and strategy of others operating in their field. Our interviews with non-executive directors span a range of organisations and areas of focus.   Ruby McGregor-Smith: CEO of MITIE and NED at Michael... Read more
Volume recruitment... a marathon, not a sprint
Staffing one of the most successful Games in history didn’t happen overnight The sheer scale of locating, attracting and hiring the people needed to make London 2012 happen required a staggered and systematic approach to the overall recruitment programme. Heather Andrews, interim head of... Read more
Market overview: executive HR in the UK - Jan 2013
Despite challenging economic circumstances, top HR talent is demand from boards looking to cement their businesses’ position and prepare for future growth. What are the opportunities for HR professionals to prove their commercial worth? The market Confidence in the economy continues to hit the... Read more
Interview with Ruby McGregor-Smith
An insight into the complementary benefit of a non-exec post to a high profile executive career.  Ruby McGregor-Smith qualified as a chartered accountant with BDO Stoy Hayward and then held a series of gradually more senior positions in the support services sector, primarily at Serco Plc. Ruby... Read more
How to create exceptional leadership through behaviours
Great HR people can differentiate themselves by recognising and driving effective leadership behaviour within their organisations.  Businesses rely on technological innovation to drive increased business success – but to really stand apart from the competition, careful development and evolution of... Read more
Portfolio working for interim managers
Portfolio working, whereby interim managers provide services for more than one client simultaneously, is a much talked about approach amongst career interims. The opportunity to ‘mix-and-match’ assignments is appealing for those aiming to optimise earnings and broaden their scope by gaining... Read more
Putting HR at the centre of turnaround strategy
Undertaking swift HR due diligence during a turnaround results in investment benefits rather than cost implication. Financially-focused turnaround investors often underestimate the importance of stabilising key employees during turbulent times. In an economic climate set to remain challenging, the... Read more
Search vs. selection - which one is right for you?
When a client approaches an executive search firm, it is often with the idea to ‘cherry pick’ the best executive talent. Less clear is what that talent looks like or where it will come from. There are two distinct routes to market that can be adopted on a client's behalf: Firstly, executive search... Read more
Talent attraction through branding
Attracting the right people to your business relies on being perceived as an employer of choice – especially at the executive level. The top talent is always in high demand, irrespective of economic conditions. But when the outlook is perceived as uncertain, it takes a more sustained commitment... Read more
The benefits of using an interim manager
For companies requiring a heavyweight employee who can make a real difference, but are reluctant in this climate to take someone on full time, bringing in an interim manager could be the answer. There are advantages to seeking a stop-gap solution for a lack of management resource and to address a... Read more
What is the value of psychometric testing at executive job level?
Psychometric testing delves deeper than a simple aptitude test to provide insight into an individual’s ability and personality – increasingly useful in the hiring or assessment of executive professionals. What are psychometric tests? Tools designed to measure an individual’s knowledge, abilities... Read more
HR leaders: can you convey your commerciality?
Commercially-skilled HR professionals are in demand, but few are able to successfully demonstrate their commercial nous. Page Executive’s HR practice explains how to highlight your track record and achievements. If we had a pound for every time an HR professional tells me “I’m not a typical HR... Read more
Are HRDs more effective after a stint in the wider business?
Exposure to a range of business functions may benefit the individual and organisation, making for better equipped HR and business leaders. Page Executive’s HR practice explores further. The standard route to the number one HR role is fairly straightforward; work your way up through the ranks from... Read more
Estudio de Remuneración – España (2014)
En un entorno empresarial cada vez más cambiante y exigente como el actual, el equipo humano es el activo que asegura una ventaja competitiva sostenible en el largo plazo. Aquellas organizaciones que consigan, tanto interna como externamente, detectar, atraer, desarrollar y fidelizar el talento,... Read more
Addressing board level gender imbalance
The issue of a lack of women in top jobs has been debated by industry for years. Is the situation slowly rectifying itself, or is intervention necessary to ensure equal representation in the UK? There are some signs that the executive-level diversity landscape is changing. Looking at individual... Read more