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Leading Across Cultures: Learn To Adapt Your Style
To succeed in international business, leaders need the flexibility to adapt their management style to the cultural context. The degree of respect we show to authority is deeply rooted in the culture in which we are raised. As Erin Meyer, Affiliate Professor at INSEAD business school and expert in... Read more
The Chief Financial Officer: From Guardian of Strategy to Catalyst for Change
The role of the CFO has evolved in recent years into a function fully involved in the definition and implementation of company strategy. Current trends and developments such as global changing markets make chief financial officers and other financial leaders central to a company’s ability to... Read more
The Chief Digital Officer: Enabling Online Business Transformation
The critical importance of digital strategy has secured enviable positions for Chief Digital Officers and Digital Strategy Directors within senior leadership teams. While there are diverse definitions for the role of CDO(Chief Digital Officer), all converge on promoting the digital transformation... Read more
Private equity hiring strategies
The past few years have seen some interesting changes in the hiring strategies of private equity firms looking to boost their returns.   In the heyday of private equity, firms looked for a rapid return on investment driven by financial re engineering and the availability of cheap debt. The rampant... Read more
Retail Week’s Annual CEO dinner 2015
It’s typical that such an exemplar of retail success should credit that success, in no small part, to the talent he had around him.   Archie Norman, Chairman of ITV, but perhaps most famous in retail circles as the man who turned the fortunes of an ailing Asda back in the 90s, was speaking last... Read more
The CFO interview series: The Impact of "e-Transformation” within the accounting area
Maximilian Redolfi, head of Page Executive in Italy and consultant within the European CFO practice, interviews Gianpietro Sanavia, Head of Finance (CFO) Italy at CSL Behring Italy - a global leader in the plasma protein biotherapeutics industry, engaged in research, development, manufacturing and... Read more
Diversity and Inclusion Guide for Businesses – Professional and Business Services Council
As well as helping attract new talent and improving employee engagement, embracing diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace has proven to have commercial benefits through better alignment with clients, a broader customer base, increased productivity and improved services and products... Read more
Interview Series: Leaders in Scotland
  Interview with Justin Grace, chairman of the Academy for Chief Executives Scotland Page Executive speaks to Justin Grace, chairman of the Academy for Chief Executives Scotland about his career, his vision for the academy and recruiting at exec level.   Read the full interview here. Read more
Interview series: leaders in property & construction
Interview with Gary Lester, managing director Morgan Sindall Property ServicesGary Lester, Managing Director at Morgan Sindall Property Services talks to us about the challenges facing the property and construction sector. Read the full interview here. Read more
CFO Barometer: Significant obstacles to gender parity in C-suite level roles
Women continue to dramatically lag behind their male counterparts in managerial roles. Data gathered from 2847 financial leaders and CFO’s based in over 70 countries show significant disparities in salaries, compensation and benefits between women financial leaders and their male counterparts.... Read more
President and Executive Officers salaries in Brazil 2015
  We launch this study in a very challenging period for Brazil’s economy, but also a period full of opportunities. On the past couple years Brazil has been though some relevant changes on the corporate world, such as industries that got stronger and consolidated themselves on the national market,... Read more
The gender pay gap at the top
According to the official government estimates the gender pay gap in the UK stood at 19.4% in 2014. Albeit indicative of the situation in the labour market in general, the average figure isn’t particularly revealing of how the gender pay gap persists in different professions and in different... Read more
Where do CFOs head for a larger paycheck?
Christophe Rosset, Page Executive’s MD for Continental Europe on CFO pay variations according to gender, region and age. What do financial leaders around the world earn? Overall, CFOs worldwide had a good year in 2014 with global bonuses averaging 17.6% of their total compensation package.... Read more
An interview series: leaders in sales
Interview with Lee Morris, group distribution director at Travis Perkins plc.Lee Morris, group distribution director at Travis Perkins plc talks about business priorities, challenges and the future for distribution. Read the full interview here. Interview with Martin Dallas, managing director at... Read more
How to build your personal brand for your future career
I heard an interesting figure this week; 50% of a company’s reputation is attributed to the CEO. From visionaries such as Steve Jobs through to hard-nosed commercial animals such as Mike Ashley, it is hard to argue with that. A great CEO can add 15% to a company’s market value. People... Read more