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The Rise Of Global Talent Search
What are the main advantages and disadvantages of making the search for talent a worldwide one? Logically, performing a global search multiplies the available talent and candidates who meet the job requirements. But the main advantage of undertaking a global selection process is having access to a... Read more
London based African and Middle Eastern banks salary survey 2016.
Page Executive recently conducted a salary review on a number of roles at small and mid-sized African and Middle Eastern banks based in London. The original report was commissioned to assist a client in strategically reviewing their compensation policies in London with a view to improving staff... Read more
Why CFOs need to know about Blockchain
As the Director for technology recruitment at Page Executive I am hearing more and more about Blockchain. The opinion is that Blockchain could change the way every business operates in the future, much in the same way, the internet completely revolutionised commerce 20 years ago. It is the topic... Read more
 “Companies need to reinvent themselves.” Companies increasingly hire more temporary employees and interim managers. This shift in their HR strategy will change the very nature of corporations. Instead of employers they will become providers of employment on a project basis. The 93-year old Coca... Read more
Procuring your Executive Search Partner
As global director in a blue chip FTSE 200 business and a mentor with an impressive track record, Jonathan Wiles, Managing Director of Page Executive UK, has a professional background that covers the UK to Australia. He started his career in Search and Selection at the Page Group, was fast... Read more
The demand for change management post-Brexit vote
In times of uncertainty, we often take extra steps to mitigate risks. The Brexit vote has required every company, and a lot of employees, to pause and review their next steps. The UK is about to begin an unprecedented period of change creating unique challenges and opportunities.   Over recent... Read more
3 Crucial Trends That Smart HR Leaders Know About
What is the most viewed document of the TV-streaming service Netflix? The latest script of Game of Thrones? An interview with Kevin Spacy about the new season of House of Cards? Surprisingly, it was their human resource strategy. Over 13 million people made the effort to read it. Sheryl Sandberg,... Read more
Asian Executive Trends in 2016
With the many changes in Asia, including China’s fluctuating economy and the high growth rates seen in developing South East Asian countries, the corporate world is often subject to a constant state of flux. Leaders are needed to smoothly navigate their organisations in moving forward to ensure... Read more
Page Executive Presents a Retail Leaders Dinner
Page Executive held their Executive Retail Event for 2016 in the stunning location of The Shard. The theme for the evening was ‘Future Proofing Your Board – What are the top UK retailers doing to ensure success in 2016 and beyond?’. The way in which customers engage with brands and retailers have... Read more
Unconscious Bias: unintentional people preferences
  Amanda Salaam, Director, Page Executive and Michael Page Human Resources, interviewed Dan Robertson, an expert on workplace diversity and inclusion management, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. Dan is also the Diversity & Inclusion Director at the Employers Network for Equality... Read more
Productivity Unlocker
Productivity can mean different things to different people. We’ve asked people up and down the country what their working day looks like and how long they spend doing a variety of tasks. With this tool you can measure your typical working day against the average office worker and get tips on... Read more
How to make working remotely work for you
“Don’t expect technology to solve everything. It’s about the people.” Although 20 percent of the global workforce already works remotely, some businesses still doubt if remote employees can deliver the same results as people working from the office.  What are the pitfalls and how do we avoid them... Read more
Unconscious Bias event
The unconscious bias event was held on Wednesday, 8th June 2016, in the boardroom of Michael Page’s Victoria House office. The event ran from 8.30am -10.30am and was well attended by a wide sector split of HRDs, Global HRDs, heads of talent and heads of recruitment, as well as Sarah Kirk,... Read more
Candidate Sentiment Survey Insights
As organisations strive to capitalise on the strengthening financial recovery predicted by the IMF, having the right people in place to execute growth strategies becomes an increasing priority for CEOs.    Page Executive surveyed over 1,700* senior UK-based candidates to better understand their... Read more
Can flexible working attract top talent?
‘Remote and flexible working’ have become common buzzwords floating around the industry and an increasing number of companies are providing people with home based contracts. I do a lot of work within FMCG and this is certainly a common situation. A recent report by the REC revealed that one in... Read more