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Your 2017 Job Search: When to apply and why
Every job search has its highs and lows so we’ve plotted out last year’s job application and competition peaks and troughs to reveal when you should apply in 2017. For many people, 2016 was a year of ups and downs and arguably the same can be said for the UK job market. Indeed, as 2017 looks set... Read more
Brazil's Remuneration Survey 2016/2017
Page Executive presents for the fifth year its remuneration study dedicated exclusively for Presidents and Executive Officers. In a different manner compared to previous years, we launched this issue in the second semester, considering the constant changes in the formulation of remuneration for... Read more
Thriving in a disruptor-driven market
Simon Nolan Over the last six months we have seen some interesting trends in companies’ behaviours. It has been well documented that many industries are ripe for disruption. Almost anything and everything that provides a new channel that can be rapidly scaled has shot up in value. From anything as... Read more
Page Executive hosts a dinner in Birmingham
At the recent Page Executive Midlands Annual Dinner Waheed Nazir, Birmingham City Council Director of Planning & Regeneration and acting Strategic Director for Economy discussed the major regeneration of Birmingham, due to bring 1000’s of new jobs to the city, as well as the Birmingham Curzon... Read more
The Future of Leadership - robots, remote working and real-time reactions
The ability to spot and nurture future leadership is key to business success. But, as technology continues to revolutionise the way we live, work and lead, are we equipped for what lies ahead? Click here to explore The Future of Leadership. Read more
“The CFO is now at the frontline”
Mikkel Jensen, Associate Director at Page Executive Sweden, is reflecting on how the role of Chief Financial Officer has changed over the years. Where the CFO used to be merely the guardian of the corporate strategy, she or he is now becoming a powerful force in defining that strategy. This also... Read more
How has UK job applicant opinion changed post-Brexit vote
PageGroup collected opinions from 28,000 UK job applicants* in the months prior to and post the EU referendum vote on the 23rd June 2016. Applicants were asked a range of questions including the following:   Why are looking for a new job? How long have you been looking for a job? What is your... Read more
The Espresso Guide to Brexit
Page Executive were joined by KPMG’s UK team to give the Espresso Guide to Brexit at the quintessentially British location of Tower Bridge. This iconic landmark, steeped in British history, provided the perfect setting for a discussion around Britain’s exit from the EU.   Drinks flowed, dusk fell... Read more
At The Crossroads – What Brexit Means for Automotive Manufacturing in the UK
The last few months has seen what will surely prove to be the beginnings of a seismic shift in the social and economic fabric of the UK; once Article 50 has been triggered, the country’s politicians will begin the task of unpicking our membership of the EU.   Far beyond the sensationalist media... Read more
Financial Services - Gender Diversity
The challenges businesses face around achieving gender balance seem to be in the headlines every other day and shocking statistics underline the worrying issues around female pay disparity. Financial services firms in particular are often in the limelight on this topic because of the Women in... Read more
PageGroup remains as one of the most socially engaged recruiters in 2016
The landscape we all work in continues to change in what seems like the blink of an eye.  Given PageGroup’s specialist role in finding people their next career move or building their team - staying relevant is more important than ever.  Last year we won the Most Socially Engaged Recruiter on... Read more
Work Better Together
What sort of colleague are you? Being a team player is a sought-after attribute by employers and recruiters but do you really understand what makes you, and those you work with, tick?   Our Work Better Together quiz will help you find out your work personality type* – or working style – and how... Read more
Team-fit Interview Kit
The interview process is a great opportunity to learn more about a candidate’s qualifications and experience, but understanding how they will fit into a team is much more difficult.   Download A Recruitment Manager’s Team-fit Interview Kit now. It’s an easy-to-use guide for assessing a... Read more
What recruitment lesson can you learn from Apple?
When Apple put their hand up and admitted they’d made a recruitment mistake, companies stopped to take note. Tim Cook confessed “I hired the wrong person for retail initially. That was clearly a screw-up. He [Browett] didn’t fit here culturally is a good way to describe it. We all talked to him,... Read more
Award: The Executive Search Company of the Year
Global recruitment firm PageGroup has been named The Executive Search Company of The Year and The Accountancy Recruitment Company of the Year in the 2016 Recruitment International Asia Awards – Singapore. The wins are an indication of PageGroup’s continued commitment towards recruitment excellence... Read more