The Seven Secrets of Leadership

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The Seven Secrets of Leadership


The Seven Secrets of Leadership: complete article series

What makes a great global leader? Page Executive interviewed over forty business leaders across Asia Pacific and Australia, Europe and the Americas for their views on leadership. The result of this work is a series of short articles on the topic of leadership that we are pleased to share with you. These articles encapsulate the opinions of the global leaders we interviewed, who generously shared their views on what constitutes success in a global leader, as well as offering advice to the next generation of leaders.

All of our findings have been compiled into a booklet which you can download. You can also find out about global leadership trends by reading each of the secrets individually below.

Secret #1: Maintain, adapt and share your vision

Secret #2: Today's great leader is a great talent manager

Secret #3: International agility - today's must have attribute

Secret #4: Unlock performance with emotional intelligence

Secret #5: Look cross-functionally and focus on performance

Secret #6: It's the era of the digital leader

Secret #7: Influence through interaction