CFO Barometer Report - Global (2012)

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CFO Barometer Report - Global (2012)


This year 4,388 chief financial officers and finance directors worldwide answered questions regarding their job responsibilities, qualifications and career opportunities.

Consolidated into the regions of North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, the results reveal regional differences and similarities. Thus CFOs in North America are considerably older than their colleagues worldwide. In Europe, on the other hand, CFOs are younger than the international average when they attain their position. Worldwide, the statement holds that the level of salary depends on the age of the CFO.

[Worldwide, communication and presentation skills ranked top of the list]

Apart from quantitative findings, the global CFO Barometer also provides subjective information about CFOs’ near-term career aspirations and their working relationship with the CEOs in their company. In addition, the survey participants disclose where they see themselves as still having skills deficits. Worldwide, communication and presentation skills ranked top of the list in this regard.

Another point of interest, of course, is the CFOs’ assessment of the economic situation in their own respective countries and their companies’ financial performance compared with this. One key finding in this area is that despite the strained economic environment in Europe, CFOs still rated their own company’s situation positively.

We would like to thank each and every one of 4,388 individuals who participated in the survey. It was a highly rewarding collaboration.

To view a full copy of the report, please download it below.